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Indian & Global Mystic Wisdom by Speaker on Spirituality Pranay

Keynote talks for live audiences, in English. 'Spirituality for Leadership & Success' modules also for organizations & corporates. Topics: Leadership lessons from mysticism, the Gita's 'warrior code', Vedanta, Zen, Tantra, Tao, Vajrayana Buddhism, Sikhism, Jainism, etc. Global & Indian spiritual philosophies for dynamism (incl Hindu, Buddhist etc). Universal spiritual paths incl esoteric Kabbalah, Toltec, Baul, Mayan, Aztec, North American Indian, Sufism, alchemy, etc. Powerful mind-body-spirit teachings / storytelling for the 21st century including on Gautam Buddha, Jesus of Nazareth and other mystics. Key takeaways for dynamic leaders, corporates and individuals (for productivity & higher achievement) in an age of global & organizational challenges. Pranay Gupta. Spirituality with Pranay Mind-Body-Spirit keynote talks from Indian & global mystic wisdom, in the English language. In an age of global leadership challenges & Artificial Intelligence. One key focus area is: Spirituality for Leadership & Success.

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